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Organize local and regional grassroots movements to create a united force throughout the state.


Lobby for Texans’ God given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


Activists who advocate for constitutional governing in the state of Texas.

Activists who advocate for constitutional governing in the state of Texas.


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The Texas Freedom Coalition was founded in early 2020, during the wake of the unconstitutional COVID-19 lockdowns, in tandem with the Open Texas movement.  We are a network of conservative activists and patriots who advocate for constitutional government in the state of Texas, lobby for Texans’ God-given rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and organize local and regional grassroots efforts to promote and preserve liberty principles in Texas.


The Texas Freedom Coalition focuses on key issues related to core constitutional rights, individual liberty, and pro-family values.  We support and defend medical freedom, economic freedom, state sovereignty, private property rights, parental rights, religious freedom, privacy, and pro-family values.

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As a sixth-generation Texan, Christin Bentley has always loved her home state and the spirit of liberty and independence it embodies.  She founded Texas Freedom Coalition in early 2020, during the wake of unconstitutional COVID-19 lockdowns, when millions of Texans were told they were no longer “essential” to the Texas economy.  Christin had just moved back to Texas in the summer of 2019, after spending most of her adult life in San Diego, California.   In the years leading up to her move, Christin was a medical freedom activist who witnessed an abrupt decline in individual rights, parental rights, and informed consent in California; she returned to Texas ready to work hard to preserve the principles of liberty that her ancestors helped develop as an independent republic over 150 years ago.
Aside from her political work, Christin is a special education advocate, working for parents of some of the most vulnerable children in Texas schools.  She holds a Level II Education Specialist Credential and has a Master’s Degree in Special Education; Christin firmly believes that Texas parents’ have the most fundamental role in the education of their children. Her career in education began as a special education teacher in the California Public School system, working with severely handicapped students.  She soon realized that the institution of public education often works to undermine parental authority, promote Marxist ideals, and, ultimately, fail to educate children.  Rather than work for it, she decided to work within the system to advocate for individuals and create systemic change that improves outcomes for all students.
Christin resides in East Texas, with her husband and two sons.  She is glad to be home and fighting for liberty principles

Christin Bentley

Founder & Member at Large

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Texas Freedom Coalition

PO BOX 653, Flint, Texas 75762

Tel: 318-288-1703

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