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We Must Keep Fighting to Protect Moldable Children

Children are moldable. Groomers know that. They will say that they do what they do in the name of “inclusivity”. However, when you are a child, you are already inclusive. Little boys hug little boys. Little girls hug little girls. You can mold a child to anything. You can mold a child to be a racist. You can mold a child to hate the color green or think that kittens are better than puppies. Because being moldable is a child’s mindset.

If you teach a child about sexuality in the second grade, you are a groomer and you are molding them in an unnecessary way to further your agenda of needing to be “accepted” and convince others that you’re doing something good for children, when in reality you’re simply satisfying your sick desire to prey on the moldable innocent.

Call them groomers. Call them pedophiles. And never stop fighting for our future, AKA our children. Don’t stop exposing them. No value can be placed on saving even one child.

Submitted by a concerned parent, the following is a piece being used in a middle school art class in western Maryland as an option for children to teach them about “movement” in art.

This "art" piece is done by Keith Harring, taught in many schools. His lesson plans online include full male frontal nudity in just three clicks of your mouse. He also drew beastiality, oral, anal, orgies, glory holes and genital mutilation in addition to masturbation. He was a homosexual artist famous for murals depicting sex acts in men's bathrooms. He eventually died from AIDS.

I wrote an open record request several weeks ago to Doss Elementary School, the school in Austin ISD that held a pride parade and told staff members to “remain confidential” regarding their activities behind school walls. I received a response on April 5th, 2022. I included many questions in my original request. I will include screenshots of their response, as well as several screenshots of some of the “curriculum” used during pride week (March 21-26). Let me remind you, the majority of teachers did participate in this. For anyone interested, at the end of this blog I will also include the full files sent to me from the ORR (Open Records Request) response.

During this week, "no specific curriculum was taught". However, based on the files sent to me, it would seem that teachers were given free rein to teach children how to be professional victims, while pushing the alphabet soup agenda on impressionable, moldable minds.

One of the stations used was a "TikTok" station, to show support for an LGBTQ cause. Allow me to remind you that these are elementary age children. TikTok is currently the number one social media platform used by predators. It is also the number one platform for cyber bullying. Yet, AISD is willing to use this platform to exploit children in the name of inclusiveness.

Is this what you send your children to school for? What you do in your own private, personal life is your business. But let's be very clear, NORMAL PEOPLE DO NOT SEXUALIZE CHILDREN. (Note the list of books they suggest for their “inclusive library”.)

Teachers are being indoctrinated by those higher up the totem pole, and the colleges, AKA indoctrination camps for adults, to believe that they are supposed to be a parental extension, and that parents at home are inadequate, inferior and incompetent. Children are being indoctrinated by many teachers to no longer recognize you as the parent.

It is the destruction of the nuclear family right before our very eyes. I am proud of every teacher who chose to walk away rather than continue on with this forced agenda. As parents, we must recognize that the fight is not being brought to us. Pedophiles and groomers have little desire to confront adults. They are not coming after us; they are going after our children. If we do not protect our children, then we will have no future.

(Included are files sent by Doss Elementary in response to the Open Records Request. This was their program during Pride Week)

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Connor Gifford-andrews
Connor Gifford-andrews
Apr 07, 2022

Children need more better protection

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