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They’re not talking about Salvador Ramos. They’re talking about guns.

It is easier to talk about guns than it is to talk about evil. The crisis isn’t guns. The crisis isn’t that children are killing. The crisis is that children want to kill other children with guns. It is easier to blame guns than a sick society and culture that is destroying our children’s mental health.

My investigation into the events that occurred in Uvalde are coming to a close. I have shared much of my findings on Facebook and Twitter. (Follow me on twitter @SarahIsCensored and Facebook- Sarah J Fields). However, my findings regarding Salvador Ramos were heartbreaking and weighed very heavy on my mind. Almost to the point of depression. I want to present you with his background, and I will be stepping away from further investigation for now in order to allow my mind to decompress and find peace in the comfort of knowing that one day, this evil that is beset on our children will be addressed on the day of judgment.

Here are a few facts….

Ramos had a long history of abusing animals. He would throw dead cats at people’s houses.

He would go to parks and pick on children.

He threatened women with sexual violence on social media. He was reported on social media multiple times.

He threatened to shoot up a school repeatedly.

He cut up his own face (According to police reports and his own peers)

He fired a BB gun at random people within parks and from his front yard.

He had a childhood speech impediment that he was constantly bullied for.

He had a difficult home life.

He dressed in all black. And became a silent individual as he became older.

In his final year of school, he missed so many days that the school said he would not graduate. The grandfather said he did not know where he was unless he was home playing video games. Rolando Reyes (The Grandfather) stated that Ramos was not going to graduate high school because he had not attended school for the entire last school year of 2021/2022. Ramos was 17 at the time of the absences. No home visits were conducted by authorities.

He did not have a good relationship with his mother. His mother was trying to force him to move out (As a minor). He would scream at her, while the cops were called and sometimes would be present in the home during the fights between mother and son. The police were called to their home regularly.

His father was absent. When asked why he was always gone, he responded with “I am fearful of transmitting covid to a family member”.

Ramos was in several fistfights in middle school and high school.

♦️ Yet, Officials have stated that Salvador Ramos has no record of mental health issues♦️

Our system is broken. But instead of blaming the failure of the judicial system, the failure of the parents, the failures of the schools, they would rather turn your attention to the guns. Guns will never be banned, because they will always exist. Criminals do not follow the law. Therefore, if guns are banned by law, it will only remove protection from those who do follow the law and leave them vulnerable in the hands of those who don’t.

We need to focus on the elephant in the room that the progressive left refuses to acknowledge.

The devastating impact of the breaking down of the nuclear family is indisputable. A special U.S. commission consisting of authorities on child development was convened in the 1990s to examine the general health of adolescents. The full report was named “Code Blue”. The conclusion stated the following…

Never before has one generation of American Teenagers been less healthy, less cared for, or less prepared for life.”

Most of the characteristics the commission decried are even worse today… It is a direct result of marital disintegration, and everything related that is working against the family unit. Did you know that 70% of black babies and 19% of white babies in the United States are born out of wedlock? Most will never know a father, or experience the much needed love from them. Only 34% of all children born in America will live with their biological parents through the age of 18. Currently, 72% of mothers with children under the age of 18 hold a job. Between the working mother, and the absent father, this means that nobody is home. It is no wonder that the boys of today are in trouble!

Enter the influence of the public school and a boy left to his own devices. Full access to the internet, television, poor influences, and no instruction on the difference between right, wrong, and the discernment needed to differentiate between the two. This allows access to alcohol, pornography, gambling, infidelity, violent TV shows, and social media such as snapchat and Tiktok… leaving them vulnerable to predators.

Ramos, an 18 year old mentally ill child that was a product of his environment, was not only failed by every person around him, he is being used for political gain by those who created the broken system in the first place. The disease of leftism can only be cured by adherence to the truth; However, truth seems to be the only thing that leftists avoid. They will never take responsibility for the heartbreaking failure that is Salvador Ramos. This is why every story regarding him as a human being will be buried, and the agenda to remove our weapons will continue to be at the forefront. I am heartbroken for the families who lost their loved ones. I mourn those whose lives were taken from them. But we also must think logically. In order to fix a problem at its core, we must point to the person behind the gun and evaluate what brought him to this dark and evil point in his life. We must turn our attention to protecting our youth, not taking protection from law abiding citizens. It has become painfully clear that the constant insistence from the liberal left to push aside the nuclear family, and give power over to the public schools while removing parental rights and direction over our children, has been one of the greatest failures in today’s culture. And our youth, the future generation of America, are paying the price.


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Connor Gifford-andrews
11 juin 2022

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