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"Standing with Ukraine" - An Agenda Pushed by the Left

I’m going to make a prediction. Zelenskyy has suspended all opposition parties and declared himself dictator of what can and cannot be said on a single media platform. Hitler did the same thing in July, 1933. Meanwhile, America is sending Ukraine billions of dollars to “Save Democracy”.

America will follow the same path as the Ukrainian government as long as the Biden Administration is allowed to continue their agenda. They will continue to brainwash American citizens into worshiping Zelenskyy, and thinking him to be a hero, which will have the American people literally begging for the same type of governing power.

This is their plan. This is their agenda. And yes, it will start a war.

To everyone who has allowed yourself to be swallowed up by what you are being told and what the media has said regarding Ukraine, have you learned nothing from the last two years? They lied to you about covid. They lied to you about Afghanistan. They lied to you about everything. The left betrayed this country over and over. And now they are all getting in line to defend Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Are you going to fall in line with them now?

My heart is with the hurting people of Russia and Ukraine. They don’t want this. Pray for them. But be ready for many shocking truths to be revealed. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer announced a private congressional teleconference between the exclusive confab of DC elites and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky (This took place last week). Congress has also allocated $13.6 billion in “Ukraine-related” aid, with “10% for the big guy.”

Meanwhile, taxpayers who fund the congressional spending were kept away from the private meeting by armed guards, fences and barbed wire constructed around the House of Representatives. There is apparently an ongoing concern that the people who fund the government might actually get too close to the government they are required to fund.

Yes, this is the ongoing state of our union, and our voices are irrelevant to their conduct.

I won’t SAY what I believe our Founding Fathers would have done…. But I’m sure you can use your imagination.


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