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Prosper ISD has Moved Beyond Woke, now Taking a Page from the Nazi Playbook

A way in which the Nazis aimed to indoctrinate the younger population was through reforming the education system. They aimed to de-intellectualise education: they did not want education to provoke people to ask questions or think for themselves. The Nazis also placed great emphasis on who the teachers were. And fired all Jewish professors and teachers.

In the first photo, from a children’s book, it shows a Jew with stereotypical features trying to fool a woman into buying new dress material. The caption reads “In this you will look like a princess, like a queen”.

In the second photo, a mathematic exercise from a nazi school textbook is discriminating against disabled people. Entitled “what is the cost of care for the hereditary sick?” The question was intended to show nazi children that the disabled were a burden on the state.

Now look at the last photo, from MLK day, 2023, found in Prosper ISD. This assignment was given to 4th graders. First they changed the curriculum, invited woke teachers to freely teach their ideology in the classrooms, and erased history. With a forgotten history, we are doomed to repeat ourselves. This is a disgrace to the entire state of Texas and our leaders should take action on this immediately; before it gets worse. We are working hard to introduce legislation that will remove SEL (Social Emotional Learning) programs from children's hands without proper parental consent. However, what do you do when the indoctrination is fully imbedded into the curriculum and special assignments given by teachers? We are calling on prosper ISD to issue an apology and a promise that this will not happen again. We are also asking you to pay attention to our House of Representatives in Texas and make a list of the House Reps that are assigned to the education committee. When you know who they are, call them and express your outrage regarding this issue. This will not stop until we get loud. The woke are loud... be louder.


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