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Call to Action for Parents in Texas!


Parents, if your children are using a program called RHITHM or any other SEL program on their school issued iPads or tablets that has them respond to questions with emojis, and you did not give consent for surveys and forms of Data collection, please help us help you, and write a statement. We are going to use your statements to make this stop but we need your involvement. Especially if these alerts are being used against you as a parent, and you are being given grief from the school district, or if CPS has been called. Either way, if you did not give permission for your child to participate in biopsychosocial assessments (Yes, that is what RHITHM is), this is a violation of your parental rights. Here is a layout of how your statement needs to appear. We are on a time crunch. If you just found out (within the last 14 days) that your child is being surveyed, you still have time to file a grievance with your school. We will help you.


Name and Address. (You can leave out full address if you would like. But we need to know the district.)

What happened, age and grade of child. You can include kid's name but if they'd rather not, that's fine.

When it happened.

What attempts have you made to remedy it.

What e-mails or forms have you received from the school. Was consent "opt-in"? Was it "opt out"? Did you give any consent?

Do you feel like the district violated the law or your rights?

Is your child in Special Ed or 504?

Do you feel that your child or family was harmed?

Do we have your permission to use this statement?

Finally, please let us know what you are willing to do to help! Ie. local grievances, federal complaints, talk about this on a show, in an article or a podcast, go to the Capitol, or write legislative letters.

Please compile all documents, opt-out forms, including opt-out letters. Please send all evidence with your statement.

We will never use your information without telling you. Statements do not have to be over the top. 1-2 pages at the most.

Signature and date. Witness signature and date.


Lets take our children BACK.


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1 Comment

T.L. Stead
T.L. Stead
Jan 26, 2023

I just came across this call to action!! I have a son in 3rd grade in Washington state, I recently discovered that SEL curricula has been heavily permeated into ALL curricula. I immediately asked his teacher what competencies they are using. They are using Second Step. So I started researching. Everyday I discover just how deep and heavily inundated the education system has become. I'm so sick of tyrannical government thievery & overreach!! This has got to end.

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