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Audit your Public and School Library Toolkit!

We are honored to assist you in taking action to protect your children from explicit and vulgar materials in your public library and in your local public school library. Here, we will provide you with our good friend Christin Bentley's Substack which goes into detail regarding our current Dirty Book Campaign that we are in the process of right here in Smith County, Texas, in order to remove pornographic books from our public library. This kit will also provide a list of books to search for, and information regarding how to audit.

First, we ask that you watch this 5-minute video.

Rachel Hale is our Executive Director for Texas Freedom Coalition, Parent Advocate and Certified Title IX Investigator.

**(Correction- Dirty Books were only sent M-F, not on weekends)**

Christin Bentley's Substack will provide a list of books that has been vetted for content that meets the criteria for school library book removal. Please subscribe to her Substack. She provides a breakdown of HB 900 (The Texas bill called "The Reader Act" that will remove explicit materials from the school libraries). -Sexually Explicit, Pervasively Vulgar, or Educationally Unsuitable Booklist (

Click here for her full list - Book List August.pdf (

To Audit your child's library, you can use this site - Destiny Discover | Follett School Solutions | School Picker (

If your child’s school library does not appear on the Go Follett site and does not have a catalog on their own school website, you may need to write an open record request and I can help with that. If you live in Texas, download this form and in the description box, very simply ask for a catalog of books within the school library. Or ask about certain titles.

Then call your school or search the school site for the email you will need in order to send an Open Record Request.

If you do not live in Texas, please email me at and i will research FOIA laws for your state.

Sending a FOIA request is easy! Do NOT overthink it. and both have a rating system that is helpful for any books you find. Remember, if you find one, one is one too many.

Here in Smith County, we have discovered explicit books within our public library. We have begun a campaign called The Dirty Thirty. To read about it, please visit this link to my article. This article will give you a general idea of how to begin campaigning in your own area if you find dirty books in your public library.

"For over a year, multiple citizens tried to get the attention of the Tyler City Council and their appointed library board. When repeated reasonable requests from citizens failed to get action from the Mayor and Tyler City Council, on July 19, Grassroots Of America - We The People launched a multi-stage public campaign on behalf of these moms and dads. We call it the Dirty 30. Every day, GOA will post and circulate an example of the filth available to children in our taxpayer funded library. From there, this campaign will escalate its visibility with a community call to action."

If you live in Smith County, or in the East Texas Area, we could use your help. Please email the Tyler Mayor and City Council.

Ask them to schedule a public discussion about the Tyler Public Library and solutions to protect children, including the removal of all sexually explicit depictions of rape, incest, pedophilia and graphic sexual activities from areas where CHILDREN and TEENS browse.

We are on book 28 of the Dirty Thirty Campaign. The excerpt today is called "Shots".

If you would like to help with our campaign, click here and subscribe. Dirty Thirty Campaign | Substack

Click here to send a message to our City Council - Grassroots Priorities

God Bless you all, and God Bless Texas.

With love, Sarah Fields (President)



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