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All Eyes on the Republican Party of Texas!

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

The new group called Young Republicans of Texas just formed a month ago and are seeking partnership/Coalition status with the Republican Party of Texas.

This group is brand new. Why are we making the mistake of a rushed process… again? This group should not be fast tracked. The Republican Party of Texas just condemned a rushed process. We should follow a process of vetting coalitions, especially one that has revealed that they’re working with non-partisan organizations that are funded by the Koch Brothers (As referenced in the video of their interview with the RPT).

Should they not have to prove themselves for at least a minimum of a year?

If you live in Texas and you agree, please email members of the SREC to voice your opinion on this matter. Thank you! We have included a file with the emails.

SREC Emails
Download XLSX • 15KB


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