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A word of Encouragement from an Unafraid, Free Woman

We are living in difficult times. I know we can all agree. But something has been laid on my heart and when my thoughts are this heavy, I have learned to write it out, even if I don’t think it is especially profound. Last Sunday in church, we sang a particular song and a portion of the lyrics said “I can’t live without you, Jesus”. For some, this may mean that living is difficult without Jesus. But we need to recognize the reality of this statement.

We quite literally cannot live without Him.

For who the Son sets free, is free indeed. Let me explain my own interpretation of this. When Jesus was beaten and scorned, when His flesh was torn from his bones, when spikes were driven into His hands and feet and He breathed His last, we were given the gift of freedom from the horrors of this world, and the gift of eternal life. When someone tells me that they have not received Jesus, and in the same breath they tell me that they are free, I cringe inwardly and I feel broken for their heart. You can never truly be free without Jesus.

I have heard so many stating “they’re taking my freedom”. “My freedoms are being infringed upon”. Well, yes. They are being infringed upon. But hear this… absolutely no one on this earth can ever, ever take your freedom if you are a child of God. No purpose of God can ever be threatened, because God is more powerful than the devil.

As many of you know, I am a freedom fighter. But remember, we are battling the unseen realm. For every battle that you and I fight, it is for our God. For His glory, His Honor and His fame. We were all given different spiritual gifts and purposes on this earth, but that purpose will always ultimately be a part of the Great Commission. As a freedom fighter and activist, I have given many speeches and have completed many protests and events. But the one thing I have always pointed out no matter what, is that God has given you freedom and no man can ever take that away from you.

The world can take all of my earthly things.

The world can take my money.

The world can take my house.

The world can take my car.

The world can take my ability to travel.

The world can take away my ability to worship with others.

The world can take away my children.

The world can even kill me.

But the world can never take my freedom or my gift of Eternal Life.

Things are getting real. Pain, hurt and depression has stricken God’s people In these seemingly hopeless times. But with God, there is no such thing as hopelessness. We have been promised an eternal life with no more pain or suffering. This life is but a blink of an eye. But take hope, we will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.


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Connor Gifford-andrews
Connor Gifford-andrews
Apr 13, 2022

Good Article Mate

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