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A call on Texas Legislators to Protect our Children

Alfred Kinsey’s “revolutionary research” sought to establish that children are sexual from birth and that all manner of child sexual activity is normal and harmless. Considering the wide range of readers on my page, I will not go into full detail regarding his “research”. However, the recorded “data” and experimentation conducted on children as young as two months old is enough to make one vomit. The “data” was used by Kinsey and his “team” to launch a sexual revolution and to fundamentally transform society into a sex-saturated, sex-centric culture that normalized Kinsey’s deviant lifestyle.

That fundamental transformation has included changing laws that now protects children from obscene, sexually stimulating media that rewires their undeveloped brains and creates lifelong trauma. Kinsey’s followers in the elite cultural institutions have managed to carve out “exemptions” from the child-protective laws that insulate them from liability for presenting material harmful to minors under the guise of “education,” “science” or “art.

These “obscenity exemptions” are statutorily recognized in at least 46 states.

Even the most diligent parent who forbids their child to attend an R-rated movie, purchase an M-rated video game or purchase music with a “parent advisory” warning, loses the battle for their child’s mind when they drop them off at school where even more graphic materials are presented as part of the school curriculum.

More importantly, parents are not even given the opportunity to consent to the materials, since, unlike the entertainment industry, education does not have a “rating system” to inform parents of the objectionable, even dangerous, content to which their children are being exposed.

We must change this immediately. I fully consider this to be a matter of concern for all parties. I call for every Texas State Legislator to address this issue immediately in the 88th Texas Legislative Session.


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Connor Gifford-andrews
Connor Gifford-andrews
Apr 03, 2022

Good article

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